Family Doctor Services Registration GMS1

Please complete the below GMS1 registration form to pre-register at the practice.

PLEASE NOTE: The information you submit does not mean we will automatically register you at the practice.  You will still need to visit the practice to complete the registration process, show your ID and sign the relevant forms to confirm the details are correct.  

When you register you will also be asked to fill out a medical questionnaire.  This is because it can take a considerable amount of time for us to receive your medical records.  There is an online version of this form too which you can complete and send to us.  Again, when you visit the surgery you will be asked to sign this form to confirm that the details are correct.

Patient's details

Please help us trace your previous medical records by providing the following information

Previous medical record
If you are from abroad
If you are returning from the armed forces
If you are registering a child under 5
If you need your doctor to dispense medicines and appliances
NHS Organ Donor Registration

I want to register my details on the NHS Organ Donor Register as someone who's organs/tissue may be used for transplantation after my death.

For more information, please ask at reception for an information leaflet or visit the website, or call 0300 123 23 23.

NHS Blood Donor Registration

I would like to join the NHS Bood Donor Register as someone who may be contacted and would be prepared to donate blood.

For more information, please ask for the leaflet on joining the NHS Blood Donor Register